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A pair of antique Georgian globes by Newton.


Code: 10113


H: 40" (101.6 cm)Di: 21" (53.3 cm)

A pair of 15 inch Geo IV globes by Newton's and Berry of 66 Chancery Lane,London.They are set in three splay mahogany stands and retain their original compasses.Although made Circa 1825 the globes are updated to 1838.The total width of the globes and outer circle is 21 ins.Both globes and stands are in excellent  condition,the stands are lovely mahogany and of Gillow quality.The Newton family were ranked among the leading globe makers of the early 19th century.John Newton(1759-1844)trained under Thomas Bateman before founding his own company in 1780.In the early 1800's John and his second son William(1786-1861)traded under the name of J&W Newton and subsequently took on Miles Berry,a civil engineer,as a partner.After 1841 the ownership passed to William Edward Newton(1818-79).It was customary to update globes with the latest discoveries and stars by applying new papers as soon as they were published.